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Email newsletters work! Yes, social media and advertising are key parts of your campaign and newsletters seem old-school BUT when people subscribe to a newsletter they are actively choosing to see your offerings. The added benefit...
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Corvus can do keyword research and find lucrative search terms. Next, we create ad copy, get approvals, and determine who you want to see ads.


My name is Patrick Travers. I live in Toronto, Canada.

I enjoy working on a Project Basis and also offer site maintenance.



Online Marketing Management

Email newsletters work! Yes, social media and advertising are key parts of your campaign and newsletters seem old-school BUT when people subscribe to a newsletter they are actively choosing to see your offerings. The added benefit is that subscribers can view your newsletters at their leisure and your message is not lost as with the constant feed from social such as Facebook and Twitter.

We can set up and manage newsletters to send to subscribers. We can develop your newsletter, signups, get it up and going, and then hand it off to you or your staff to send out newsletters as often as you choose.





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PMP certified Project Management

· Directs complex projects often involving multiple internal and external constituents and matrix partners
· Typically exercises direct accountability for projects with up to 25 team members
· Works with people managers across business and T&O to ensure projects are staffed with the right mix of people who exhibit the required perspectives, skills and behaviours.
· Accountable party for defining, planning, orchestrating, and delivering assigned projects, including all business, operational and IT deliverables
· Directly manages all aspects of the project lifecycle and works with matrix business, corporate and IT partners to oversee all phases of the project, and to ensure that related project processes are completed as required (including, as applicable, change management, process management, transition to business/operations, system development, quality management, etc.)
· Within the context of the assigned project, responsible for building and sustaining the day-to-day relationships and communications (including project briefings) with stakeholders at various levels of the organization, including executive level, as well as other internal and external resources. Sustains and manages the relationship with the Accountable Executive (and Program Manager, where applicable) throughout the duration of the project by providing sound advice, counsel and support
· Ensures end results are of the highest caliber with a clearly articulated scope and quantifiable business benefit
· Provides leadership, motivation, coaching, mentoring and professional development for project teams in order to obtain a high level of co-operation and contribution from all project members
· Chairs regular core team and key governance forums (e.g. Steering Committees, Operating Committees, Decision Forums) to review progress with key constituents. Represents the interests of the project or program in various project governance and inter-department forums
· Ensures the mechanisms of change management (plans , processes, tools) are in place and effectively executed
· Ensures project issues and risks are identified, quantified, managed and tracked. Uses past experience to proactively "anticipate" risk and develop appropriate mitigation strategies and plans. Ensures risks, assumptions and constraints are appropriately communicated and escalated when necessary
· Rigorously manages scope to ensure commitments are achieved within agreed on time, cost, and quality parameters
· Manages and/or validates financial forecasts and provides on-going reconciliation of resources and other related project expenditures
· Defines and tracks project milestones while developing, maintaining, and reporting on an overall integrated delivery plan
· Develops project artifacts including charter, integrated plan, resource plan, contingency plan, and related PM artifacts, while complying with applicable enterprise standards(e.g. Risk, Audit, Compliance)
· Monitors and controls the project. Proposes recommendations and adjustments to the overall project manager (or Accountable Executive, as applicable) and publishes periodic project status reports
· Provides Accountable Executive with continued insight in the viability of the business case (e.g. costs, benefits, KPIs) as the project progresses
· Negotiates complex contracts with external vendors (in consultation with Strategic Sourcing) to ensure receipt of specific resources and materials, as well as best value for the Enterprise. Ensures day-to-day vendor relationship management occurs (including monitoring performance, reviewing and approving vendor invoices)
· Contributes to improve the best practices of the project management community within the Enterprise to help drive consistency, transparency and execution excellence on projects


Keyword research and integration

Landing page development

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