Host Transfer

In the process of optimizing your website, it may be necessary to complete a transfer to a new host. You may want to change your website to a new Content Management System without losing any of your established Search Rankings. This can be done through 301 redirects.

You might have realized you don’t like your current host for whatever reason. It might be your site is painfully slow, poor customer service, or you want to change your host in conjunction a site revamp. Siteground has been great for customer service, cost and offerings – especially if you have a wordpress website, or want one.

Ad Creation

Whether it’s Adwords or display ads, we can create advertisements and track your spends.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile is so important now. If you visit your website on a phone and need to drag your finger around, or zoom in and out to read content you may need an update. Your pages need to ‘stack’, images need to resize, your mobile site needs to load quickly, and you should enable phone numbers to be tapped and dialed from a phone. 


Landing Pages

If you are running campaigns through ads or emails your landing page should, in general, not go to your homepage. The content of your email should match your landing page, the words and images in your ads need to match your landing page. In addition you can tweak your landing page-ad, or landing page-newsletter content and do testing to see which performs better. 


Automated email Newlsletters

Your organization may be sitting on a list of email addresses going unused, your list is now huge and you need to scale up, or you are just getting started and want to create a newsletter and collect email subscribers. 

Corvus can help you to create forms, complete list management (import, export, clean-up), create newsletters, send newsletters, create newsletter templates, and create a whole process that can be passed on to one of your employees once established.